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Our software brings complete accountability to the process of performing any type of asset inspections. Our Android-based mobile interface means no longer having to carry heavy handheld readers in the field and eliminates the traditional clipboard inspection completely. This results in timely, accurate inspections while in the field, which are then communicated to the enterprise in real-time. Inspections are easily customized giving the user complete control over how each question is presented on the mobile device. Options include text, pictures, voice recognition, formulas and multi-language support options. Alterations to the inspection "template" are delivered real-time to the mobile device via the web. The ability to integrate key master data parameters directly into the inspection process ensures positive compliance of the asset.

Our template decision engine decides which inspection to deliver to the user based on the asset and type of inspection process needed at that time. With our asset based design and both non and intrinsically safe devices available, we can inspect almost any asset in any location in REAL-TIME. Viewing of the results is quick and easy from our secure web portal which is available to your entire enterprise.

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Does your current inspection tracking system provide real time data to your users?

Maybe it's time to take ours for a spin.