How Global Attributes Can Benefit Your Organization

01 Software Benefits

Fleet Tracking

Implementing the right technology can pay big dividends for the organization.

  • Elimination of risk and errors
  • Connecting people in Real-Time
  • Creating more efficient processes
  • Reduces paper clutter
  • Time for value-adding work


  • AEI Tag Readers
  • Very High Precision GPS Devices
  • NFC & OCR
  • Industry Standard Devices

Complete Accountability

Every Question Is

  • geo-coded with the latitude, longitude, and altitude of where the operator was located when it was answered
  • time stamped at the point of change
  • traceable to the operator who answered it
  • configurable for input validation and invoking secondary processes like hard-stops, ticket creation, detailed response

Every Completed Inspection Is

  • pushed to the cloud automatically
  • locked and archived
  • searchable and indexed for analysis
  • electronically signed

Unsurpassed Reliability and Support

Our integrated Ticketing System ties directly into one of North America's largest railcar fleet management service providers. This allows for timely delivery and addressing of compliance and maintenance related issues. Any problems encountered in the field can be communicated in real-time to the fleet maintenance manager. In addition, compliance and regulatory issues, such as expired testing dates, can be configured to launch a ticket which automatically blocks the railcar and alerts others in the organization.

Improvement Through Analysis

Every completed inspection is archived in our secure Cloud Environment and the rich web interface allows for quick and visually effective viewing and analysis. Who performed each inspection, who answered each question, where that question was answered and at what time it was answered can be viewed Graphically, Geo-Graphically and Analytically. Individual question results can be tabulated, analyzed, and graphed individually over time or comparatively across inspections. Map the Results using our Integrated Google® Maps Interface.

Unparalleled Efficiency

Our Android-Based mobile interface means you no longer have to carry heavy handheld readers in the field and completely eliminates the traditional clipboard inspection. This guarantees timely, quick, and accurate inspections. Android powers millions of devices, from consumer smartphones and tablets to industrial strength ruggedized handhelds for demanding environments.

A Picture Says 1000 Words

Bring an entirely new dimension to your inspection process. Embed pictures into your inspections with ease. Simple "picture" type questions instruct the device to launch the camera. Answer with a click!

Does your current inspection tracking system provide real time data to your users?

Maybe it's time to take ours for a spin.